How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

By Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

Picking a good toothbrush can be daunting, what with dozens of different varieties available for sale. Work your way through this simple checklist to improve the odds of getting the toothbrush that’s ideal for you.

1)      Consider your unique mouth size/shape, hardware and general health.

No two mouths are exactly alike in size and shape, and you might have all your teeth, dental implants, or anything in between. In general, however, look for a toothbrush with a smaller toothbrush head (no more than 1″ by ½” inches) that allows you to access all the hard-to-reach crevices of your oral cavity. Similarly, if you find it hard to control how hard you’re brushing for psychological or medical reasons, opt for an electric model that does most of the work for you, bearing in mind that electric toothbrushes aren’t always a good fit for those at risk for infection. Regardless of whether you choose a manual or electric model, the handle of the toothbrush should fit ergonomically in your hand, be easy to grip and be long enough in length to make reaching the back of your mouth easy.

2)      Look at the shape of the toothbrush head.

Circular toothbrush heads, which most commonly are found on electric toothbrushes, often provide the most effective cleaning, as they are smaller and can get around the teeth and tongue better. If you can’t find a circular toothbrush head, try to find a rectangular one with a rounded tip.

3)      Check the bristles.

Most dental professionals in Orlando, FL and elsewhere recommend softer, round-tip bristles, as they are gentler on your gums and tooth enamel. Assuming soft, round-tip bristles are best, look at the arrangement of the bristles, too. Select a toothbrush where the bristles are of varying lengths and angles, as this type of design means the toothbrush can clean where other toothbrushes might not be able to reach.

4)      Verify that professionals stand behind the toothbrush.

The American Dental Association tests toothbrushes thoroughly to ensure they meet rigorous quality, effectiveness and safety standards. Pass on any toothbrush that doesn’t bear the ADA Seal of Approval.

5)      Assess the price.

Generally, manual toothbrushes are cheaper than electric models. However, many electric toothbrushes are quite affordable, and you can reduce the cost by buying the disposable heads in multipacks. The golden rule is simply to buy the most effective toothbrush your budget allows.

6)      Ask yourself if you like it.

If you don’t have a toothbrush you honestly like, you’ll be less likely to clean up, putting your oral and general health at risk. Pick the toothbrush that’s your favorite color, comes with accessories that make brushing easier for you or that otherwise speaks to different aspects of your personality.


You have many options when it comes to the toothbrush you use. With these basic guidelines in mind, you can filter out the best from the pack and find a model that’s effective, priced right, safe and fun to use.


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Best New Short Hair Ideas

Best New Short Hair Ideas

Everyone who is anyone is going short lately, so jump on the wagon too. But don’t settle for any old haircut, there are some great ideas out there at the moment. Before you book your appointment or at the very least before you turn up at the stylist it is imperative that you make a firm decision. New Short hair ideas are a temptation for many girls in summertime for obvious reasons. Let’s have a look at a few different options that we love.

Summer is already here, short hair is cool in every sense. The heat of the day is lessened by not having lengthy locks and your style will be on the sub-zero side. Boost your look by going short with an attractive fringe. Short hairstyles with bangs will always go down well. Check them out!

Long Pixie:
This short haircut works great with straight hair giving a versatile cut with longer layers that are graduated from the back and bit by bit longer to the front. If you are lucky enough to have an oval face shape and relatively straight locks this is ideal.

Try new colors:
Advances in hair dye technology have given rise to some fantastic new trends with blues and greens taking centre stage, what about a blue and violet ombre? Not something you would contemplate a few years ago.

Asymmetric Bob:
To get this sizzling look is extremely easy. This gorgeous uneven graduated bob provides a cool silhouette to the crown by adding volume at the rear and exposes the jaw and neck from one aspect. This hairstyle looks good on the wider face shapes with straight hair as a result of the created lift.

Graduated Bob:
The bob has been a staple cut for about a century, the graduated bob is a more recent invention but has become one of the most popular over the years. The combination of shorter and longer hair adds a volume to your look. This haircut looks gorgeous on most face shapes.

Short and Chic
A lovely chic parted swept haircut looks great with very straight tresses. Carey Mulligan (above) wears this look better than anyone else in the world but then Carey Mulligan looks the best in the world doing a great many things. This design is all about layers in small graduations with rough-textured ends and a fringe. In terms of volume and coarseness, medium to thick is best.

Red Hot Rocker:
This design gives fine and fragile locks a fuller and thicker look if you’re not afraid of to a touch of texture. Which color you choose also speaks volumes. Overall this look can offer you the simplest of all worlds.

Windswept Sass:
Cameron Diaz famously sported a similar look in “There’s Something About Mary” and it could be argued that that was the start of the fashion. More recently Miley Cyrus Kicked it all off again when she reinvented herself from Disney’s hometown girl and broke bad.

Apply any of the above short hair style this summer.

Eyelash extensions Midlands

Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new eyelash extensions

If you’ve been thinking about moving forward with some of the best eyelash extensions Midlands aesthetic specialists can provide, you want to make sure that you make the very most out of this accessory – and that means utilizing all of the tips and tricks that we are going to be able to share with you below.

By the time you’re done with this quick guide you’re going to know EXACTLY what it takes to get the most out of the eyelash extensions aesthetic specialists offer, not only making them look absolutely fantastic and like you just walked out of the salon – but also helping them last a lot longer than they would have otherwise as well!

Let’s dig right in.

Believe it or not, you don’t want to necessarily “go big or go home”

A lot of people are going to be interested in moving forward with the biggest and baddest eyelash extensions Midlands salons can offer, but you’re going to want to reel back a little bit and dial in some restraint.

The thicker lashes extensions you move forward with are going to be very heavy (comparatively), and that means that they are much more likely to peel out and fall off.

If you want your new lash extensions to look completely natural for a week or longer you’re going to want to go with lighter and more individual lashes – we’re talking about .07 mm .05 mm – to get the kind of look at that lasts and lasts.

Don’t apply night creams when you head to bed

A lot of women really love to apply a pretty rich night cream to their eyelids so that they are giving their skin everything they need to look and feel completely refreshed – but all of that extra cream is going to reach into your new eyelash extensions and caused them to fall out a lot faster than they would have otherwise.

A lightweight and non-oil-based night cream is probably going to be the cosmetic solution you’ll want to move forward with when you have eyelash extensions professionals put in. Look for something that will give you a look at of extra moisture overnight but not enough to break down the bindings of your eyelashes.

ALWAYS apply a sealer

All of the best professional eyelash extensions specialists are going to recommend that you take advantage of the best eyelash sealer available – and they make this recommendation for a legitimate reason!

Eyelash extensions sealers that include acrylic and hyaluronic serums are going to be able to both “glue” your eyelash extensions into place but they’re also going to be able to condition your natural eyelashes so that you look even better when you eventually take out your eyelashes!

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to jump all the different tips and tricks with provided above to help you get the most out of everything that top eyelash extensions Midlands experts will be able to hook you up with.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Wig

Just like clothes fashion, hairstyles are constantly changing and trends fade in and fade out. If you are the type of gal that loves change and stays on trend, then real hair wigs might interest you. Wigs can be a hot and fast way to change your look.

So while wearing a wig might seem like a quick solution to the latest trend, you’ll want to consider these rules and tips before donning your latest look.


  • Take your wig to a hairstylist and have it cut and shaped into a style that suits your face.
  • When you’re not wearing your wig, maintain its shape by keeping it on a wig stand.
  • Depending on the look you’re going for, you’ll still probably want to get the most natural-looking wig and this doesn’t just mean colour. Find a wig with the right texture that fits your face shape and complexion. Although, if you’re going for that pop of colour, then you don’t need to worry as much.
  • Leave it all to a professional. If you’re going to spend a pretty penny on a wig, you don’t want to butcher it by cutting, styling or applying heat to it yourself.
  • Try a half wig. Sometimes a full wig isn’t necessary. Find a half wig with your same hair texture and colour and leave some of your hair visible for a more natural look.
  • Remember to brush out the curls on a curly wig for a more realistic look and feel.
  • Wear something age-appropriate. While pastel and bright-coloured wigs are on trend right now, it might not be the best choice for someone over 21. Find a wig that best suits your age and your personality.


  • Don’t wear your wig straight from the package if it’s one you’ve ordered. You might want to show it off right away but it’s better to let it breathe, fall into shape and then proceed to getting it cut and styled by a professional.
  • Don’t choose a wig with an unnatural hairline. Your forehead looks great when framed by your natural hairline.
  • Don’t get a wig that’s too bulky. You want it to look as realistic as possible and sometimes too much hair on the crown screams, “I’M WEARING A WIG!”.
  • Unless you’re trying to go bold and trendy, opt out of outrageous colours and styles. But if that is the look you’re going for, buy these without spending too much while opting for a more expensive and higher-quality, natural-looking one for everyday.

Whether you are wearing a wig by choice or necessity, it’s important to keep this rules and tips in mind. Wigs can be costly and it’s always best to find the one the is right for you. Visit a wig shop to try on different styles and trends and speak to a professional for advice and suggestions.



3 Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening

In the past few years the process of getting your teeth whitened has become really popular. It’s never been more simple or easy. These days you can just walk into a pharmacy and purchase whitening gel or strips to use at home. You might be sitting there asking yourself “Why would anyone want to whiten or bleach their teeth?” You might even be sitting there thinking about getting the process yourself, but can decide why you should. There are many reasons people have to want to whiten their teeth, but there are also many benefits involved.

The main and most important benefit is cosmetic. You ever watch TV and see all the actors and actresses with those pearly white smiles? The whiter your teeth are the more beautiful your smile. Whitening can remove stains, and the physical consequences of not properly caring for your teeth over the years. Everything you eat or drink like chocolate, coffee, or juice can leave behind ugly and nasty stains. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can also leave your teeth discolored. Sometimes rigorous brushing alone can’t get some of these stains to go away. In cases like that you could turn to professional or at home whitening.

The second key benefit would have to be a new self-confidence. Most people with stains or yellow teeth are very uncomfortable with their smiles. Whitening can provide that needed boost of confidence, because once they get their teeth whitened a few shades they don’t mind smiling for pictures or showing off that nice smile. A better smile and white teeth is considered more attractive than their previously yellow or stained teeth. Everybody knows a little smile goes a long way. A smile can make you seem more friendly and inviting. A smile can also be a deal breaker at a job interview. Nobody wants to walk into a place of business and see a frown.

Last but not least whitening also has health benefits. If teeth are done professionally it means there will be more visits to your local dentist. That means if there are any problems in your mouth they will be resolved before the process starts. After the process is completed most people want to maintain that pearly white smile. That means they start to take care of their teeth at home doing a little more brushing and flossing than before, which prevents cavities and gum disease. Of course a clean mouth is a healthy mouth.

There may be many more benefits than these listed, but the process itself is very safe and efficient. If you don’t think afford professional service, or you’re just not ready for the in office visit you can always start with an at home alternative that can be purchased over the counter. Either option is a good choice and something that won’t be regretted.

Finding out If Your Antique Is worth Money

Have you inherited a house full of your great aunt’s old belongings? It might look like just a lot of junk-filled boxes, but don’t throw them out before you find out if there are some valuable items hidden away. People have discovered gold coins tucked into a forgotten trinket box, odds and ends of sterling silver flatware, jewelry, and old leather bound books, paintings, and other valuable items that can yield thousands of dollars. Before you do anything, you need to locate an expert appraisal service.


According to Liberty Coin and Currency, the best way to find out the value of an item is to have it appraised by a reputable professional. The service professional will recommend some avenues of sale, such as upcoming auctions. An appraisal tells you the approximate value of an item, but it is not a guarantee you will receive that much when you sell it. Many times auctions can bring you more than the appraised value if two or more people are interested in purchasing it. They may also provide liquidation services, which will help you obtain buyers for the existing appraised items.

Items with Value

According to the Huffington Post, some items may not make you rich, but they do hold enough value that will be worth selling. Leather bound books in excellent condition are popular items with interior designers and can fetch $50 to $75 each. If the book is a first edition of a well-known author, the price will be higher. If you are lucky enough to have an autographed first edition, you will make a lot of money by taking it to auction. Jewelry is another item that can often got lost in a box and eventually thrown away. One woman found a pretty old pincushion in her grandmother’s sewing basket and decided to keep it on a shelf. One day it was knocked off the shelf and when she picked it up she felt something hard inside. The woman carefully opened one of the seams, and inside she found a set of wedding rings with a slip of paper indicating they belonged to her great grandparents. When you inherit, you must carefully search envelope, bag, tiny boxes, trinket boxes and inside of books.

You could have a fortune hidden away in your attic or basement, or just a few hundred dollars. You can find out by taking the items you suspect may have value to an appraiser.

How Michigan’s Cold Weather May Increase the Chance of Needing Orthopedic Surgery

Genetics, age, lifestyle–those are just some of the factors that come into play in whether you’ll end up needing orthopedic surgery at some point in your life. As it turns out, Michigan’s cold weather likely also plays a role in whether you’ll have to visit the operating room.

The Effects of the Cold on Your Joint and Nearby Tissues

Although the higher barometric pressure that often comes with cooler temperatures actually might reduce swelling somewhat by preventing tissue expansion, the cold causes the blood vessels in your knee and surrounding tissues to contract, impairing good circulation. Additionally, your muscles want to stay tight and contracted in response to the decrease in blood flow, resulting in a loss of flexibility. Lastly, pain receptors become more sensitive. This phenomenon is particularly problematic for joint patients due to the fact that their nerves already might be more sensitive from scarring, inflammation and adhesions.

How Cold Problems Increase Surgery Potential

When circulation is poor in your joint because it’s frigid outside, it’s much harder for your body to deliver the white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing. The rate of additional damage to the joint might exceed the rate at which your body can fix your tissues as a result. If the low temperature causes your muscles to be tight and your pain increases, you might be more tempted to skip physical activities.

The problem with saying “no” to movement is that both your bones and muscles maintain or gain strength only when they are put through some reasonable stress: When you work a muscle hard, microscopic tears occur in the fibers. Your body responds by repairing the tears and building additional fibers to protect the muscle from future damage. Similarly, working your muscles places increased tension on your bones.

Your body tries to increase the density of the bones to ensure they can handle the new demand. The less active you are because of the cold, the more likely it is that your muscles will weaken and be unable to provide proper support, increasing stress on the joint. Lack of bone strength increases your risk of fracture if you subsequently lose your balance and fall due to the muscle weakness.Beyond these harsh effects, lack of exercise hurts your joints and increases the risk of needing an operation in other ways.

Without activity, you might gain some weight, which further stresses your joints. You also might feel more moody or depressed, both from your pain and because you aren’t getting the release of “feel good” endorphins exercise promotes. Fatigue also can be more problematic. The mood issues combined with feeling physically tired can lead to an increase in eating and additional weight gain, as well as problems such as decreased immune system function.


What You Can Do

Although you can’t control the weather, you still can protect your joints and possibly reduce your risk of orthopedic surgery. Joint experts recommend that you stay active as much as you can to keep yourself strong and flexible, and dress warmly in layers. Heat creams or heating pads and medications can also relieve discomfort and get you going.



Cold weather can be tough on joints, decreasing circulation and making it tough to get the strength and flexibility needed to stay healthy. Nevertheless, you can protect yourself with relatively simple measures.



Cosmetic in Calgary

Individuals who are interested in hair reduction in Calgary service, or wish to have fillers treatments in Calgary done, where do you go to have such work done? With this, as well as other non surgical enhancements, it is best to visit a local cosmetic office which has the top surgeon, and those who are qualified to perform these types of services. Not only do you want to know a qualified, fully licensed and certified surgeon is going to be performing the hair reduction in Calgary or your fillers treatments in Calgary, but also that the staff doing the work is fully qualified and trained to do it as well. Further, you want to know the offices are well known, have great reviews, and are properly equipped with all the latest technologies and equipment, to ensure all of the non surgical work you choose to have done, is properly performed when you go in for your office visit and to have the procedures completed in office.
Before deciding where to go for these, or other non surgical cosmetic improvements, it is best to use online referral and review sites. Doing this allows you to compare local surgeons, their experience, how long they have been in the field, and the amount of time they have been doing these non surgical procedures. The longer they have been in the field, and the better their ratings and reviews are, the better the chances are they are truly the top local offices to do the work you would like to have done. Further, by comparing reviews, you can learn about the quality of the work, how it is performed, and you can determine which local office you feel is best qualified to do the work for you, regardless of the type of non surgical procedures you choose to have completed in office.

In comparing offices, you can also compare pricing for these procedures prior to having them done. So, visiting a few offices, speaking to local surgeons, and learning about the procedure, recovery, prices, as well as any discounts they can offer you , are a few ways to ensure you choose the top pros, and ensures you are not going to over pay for the work you choose to have done in their office either. When you visit a few local offices, you can ask all the questions you have and talk to the surgeons, so as to learn how they do the procedure, what the recovery time is like, and how much of an improvement you can expect to see, when you choose to do these, or any other type of procedure with them.

Since you have quite a few options, and offices you can visit, taking the time to visit a few, comparing qualifications, and pricing, are some ways to ensure you choose the top local offices, and ensures you will find the best pricing in the area for all of the work you choose to have performed in a non surgical setting.

Picking the Right Foot Clinic

The feet on your body carry you about and help you move from place to place. Without your feet you would not be able to get around and you would not be all that you are. When you are dealing with foot ailments and issues, you need to find someone who will help out. There should be someone you can rely on who will give your feet the care that they need. When you are looking for a chiropodist in Toronto, make sure that you know just who will treat your feet in the best way. When you are faced with a foot issue, look for a foot clinic in North York that will treat you right and help you out.

Foot Clinic
How to Pick the Right Foot Clinic:

You have issues in regard to your feet, and you need to have those issues dealt with if you would like to have your body in the best shape. When you are faced with foot issues, look for help in a chiropodist in Toronto who understands all that you are going through. Look for someone who knows all about feet and who will be able to handle the things that you need done in regard to yours. Look for someone who knows what feet can go through and who will know how to help you get good support for your feet. Look for someone who understands the issues that you are facing.

You have issues in regard to your feet, and you must find a foot clinic in North York that is easily accessible to you. You need to find the kind of clinic that will be easy to get to and that you can visit whenever you need help. The clinic that you choose must be convenient, because you do not want to have to travel far in order to get help with your feet. Look for a clinic that is located conveniently to you and your home. Finding help for your feet requires you to seek out someone you can trust. You know that the one who will be working on your feet has a hard job in front of them, and you need to know that you can trust them to do things right. Look for someone who will treat your feet in the best way and offer them the best care. Know that you must find someone who is worthy of your trust if you want to receive good treatment for your feet. Choose help in someone who will be worthy of your trust and who will offer you all of the assistance that you need for your feet.

Finding someone who will watch out for your feet and your needs is important. There is someone out there who will look out for your foot needs. When you are looking for a chiropodist in Toronto, make sure that you find the one who will best help you. You need your feet to be well cared for, and there is someone who will help with that.

Beauty school in Mississauga

For those who are planning on attending cosmetology school, not only do you have to choose a local cosmetology school which is fully licensed and one that is accredited, it is also a good idea to compare the level of schooling, instruction, and top instructors, to ensure you are going to learn from the best. As you can go to more than one local Mississauga beauty school, and can learn a variety of different crafts, you will want to learn from the most qualified, and top licensed instructors. By taking the time to compare a few of the top schools and programs, you can be rest assured you are going to find the top school and level of instruction as well.
Beauty school
No matter where you eventually choose to enroll when deciding on a Mississauga beauty school, you want to go to those which are fully accredited. This is the guarantee you desire that you are learning from top instructors, the school is going to offer the courses you need, and the level of instruction you desire to excel. It also ensures you will have all classes on site, as well as the hands on learning and hours you need to require, prior to getting your license. So, you are going to learn from the top instructors, you will get the hands on training, and you are going to find all of the classes you are required to take, in order to be able to sit in for your licensing exam when you choose the top schools and programs to learn your craft.

It is also important to determine the type of field you wish to go into. Do you want to cut hair? Work in styling? Do nails and make up? No matter what area you wish to branch off to, or which ones you wish to work in as a pro, you need to make sure you are taking all required classes, and doing the required hours of hands on training, so that you can eventually sit in for your licensing exam. The top schools are not only going to offer all of the courses you have to take, but the training is going to be done with the top instructors in the field as well. So, you get all instruction you need, as well as the hands on learning, and will be working with the most qualified pros in the field you wish to work in when you are done with your schooling.

With so many local beauty school options for you to enroll in, as well as online and off line courses, and training, it is important to compare the top programs prior to choosing one. In doing this, you not only find the top school, but high level of instruction you desire. It also allows you to compare all required courses in one place, so you can sit in for your exam, and to ensure you are going to be fully prepared when the time comes to get your license.